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About as

Real Hi-Fi internet radiostation, Hi-End broadcasting for audiophile.

Our favorite genres

Demoscene, Tracker & KeyGen music, VideoGame & Arcade-Console music, Game OST, VGM, Score, Chiptunes, 8bit, 1bit, Low-fi, C64, VG Remix, Electronic, IDM AI Radio non-commercial radio

We are non-commercial radio

AI Radio - non-commercial radio. We don`t have any advertising on radio at all. Jingle & Slogans free radio-station! Don't have any rotation, limits, ugly rules, etc. We love to play our music as we like. We don't try to seek popularity. We non-profit radio and working just for fun. Enthusiasm powered.

Technical information

We prefer play lossless audio & original video games, trackers, chip sound formats:
FLAC, WAV, DSF, DSDIFF, wavpack, APE, BRSTM, [sidplay] sid mus str prg P00, [gme] ay gbs gym hes kss nsf nsfe sap spc vgm vgz [modplug] 669 amf ams dbm dfm dsm far it med mdl mod mtm mt2 okt s3m stm ult umx xm

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We Still working on content.

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