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AI Radio - News several days silent - reanimated after several days silent ! tech problems fixed!!! enjoy)) start youtube channel online broadcast in AAC 320 youtube channel - AAC 320

Enjoy )))

2017.09.12on air again after two days tech maintenance

two days of silent is over working again ;)

2017.04.20ssl fixed and https working again

We get new ssl cert from letscrypt and working again ;)

2016.07.30Big collection updates

About 20 new albums added to AI-Radio playlist

2016.01.26New tracks on radio

Big portions of cool tracks from sega dreamcast and some new games from pc. If you have some recommendation write IRC channel private message for user *hyphop* or use feedback on site.

2016.01.08Ongoing network issue

Possible short breaks in our radio broadcasting! Our network provider try to fix it.

2015.12.20Christmas gift for our listeners

Xmass Video Game Journey - our music compilation - to the christmas! Enjoy Guys ;)

2015.09.15New tracks in playlist

New tracks in playlist! Day by day we listen new and old interesting tracks, and update our collection. If you have some recommendation write IRC channel private message for user *hyphop* or use feedback on site.

2015.07.05flac321 command line oggFLAC stream radio player

I'd like to post flac321 - command-line lossless streams radio player, with Vorbis-meta tags support, chained streams + fancy meta tags output mode!

Listen radio just by one command

Download flac321 it's really tiny 12K only, have any problems send me bug reports!

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2015.07.01Audio encoding formats comparison

Ai-Radio streams sorted by quality from high to low:

Informative graphs for audiophiles, and simply pretty interesting visual images ) read full
2015.06.22Flac (lossless audio) streaming started in test mode

Today started Flac (lossless audio) streaming, in oggFLAC format! 44.1Khz 16bit stereo (CD quality). Full meta tags support (chained stream), if you have any troubles with flac stream send us reports!

2015.06.22AAC streams Reconfigure

We start new improved encoding/streaming system for AAC streams. - changed to maximum possible AAC quality 5 for LC profile / VBR - increased bandwidth cutoff from 16 to 18KHz - without changes

Any suggestions welcome ;)

2015.06.08opus123 command line radio player

I`d like to post opus123 - my small script for terminal guys. I prefer to use this simple script for listening opus streams radio. Full support for meta tags and chained streams + fancy meta tags output mode!

Listen radio Just by one command in terminal ( *nix only )

Download opus123 just 2KB

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2015.06.04Big changes on radio and site after long delay

Improved radio streaming system / more bitrates, formats, and icreased streaming quality + stability!

Rebuilded home page, html5 on-page audio players added streams page, iproved and fixed site design... + big big plans again!

A lot of improvement & possible bugs Enjoy ;)

2015.06.01Short name aliases for AI-Radio streams

Permanently stream name alias list ( readable stream names, and actual working stream source ). Easy to remember, just bitrate dot and codec format after domain name! read full

2015.05.31Fancy meta tags output

We improve our meta data for ogg/vorbis and opus streams. If you like terminal, Some magic and you can see it!

Fancy meta tags output for OGG/Vorbis streams, just write one line in terminal;)

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2015.05.29Opus stream with meta tags (chained stream)

Today started new radio streams in test mode - OPUS codec with meta ( chained stream ) 48khz 128kbit. - OPUS codec with meta ( chained stream ) 48khz 320kbit.

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2014.11.26broadcast quality testing

We start quality testing our streams for improve broadcast! from 25 to 27 March possible lost signal on short time.
We are continue quality testing before 31 March!

2014.11.25broadcast changes

Our listeners ask us to increase mp3 bitrate. Now mp3 stream up to 192kbit. We preparing to reconfigure our streams for satisfy more wide needs. If you have some wishes or idea, welcome!

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