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MPD 0.19.4 released! Major updates for OPUS codec, and another usefull playing streams features

After 2 weeks posting bug reports, we have awesome music player! Now MPD is ready for playing any actual radio streams! big thanks for guys who making best music player.

    last major Change log
    ver 0.19.4 (2014/11/18)
    * decoder
      - opus: add MIME types audio/ogg and application/ogg
    ver 0.19.3 (2014/11/11)
    * input
      - curl: another fix for redirected streams
    * decoder
      - opus: fix bogus duration on streams
      - opus: support chained streams
    ver 0.19.2 (2014/11/02)
    * input
      - curl: fix redirected streams

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