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Opus stream with meta tags (chained stream)

Today started new radio streams in test mode - OPUS codec with meta ( chained stream ) 48khz 128kbit. - OPUS codec with meta ( chained stream ) 48khz 320kbit.

Another OPUS stream not include meta tags for best compatibility with music players and devices:

All OPUS streams used hi quality re-sampled 44.1khz to 48khz source. Best for native 48khz audio players!

read more about OPUS codec


Be sure what your audio player can play correctly chained opus codec, without gaps and breaks, only last versions of audio players can have it!

Console Folk - Always true way ;) For real geeks

Its easy! just write in your terminal this string

and listen our radio (full support meta tags and chained streams)!

Up Updated: 19/Jun/2019:02:37:27 +0200 A.I. Radio Donate